11 Best Gardening Apps for Beginners

Gardening Apps for iPhone

Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking to take things up a notch or just a newbie hunting for some tried and tested tips and tricks to do it right, there are some pretty useful mobile apps out there that could help you do just that, and more!

Gardening can be an intimidating task for beginners, but technology will make it easier! If you’re a gardener at heart and are always looking for ways to improve your green thumb, then we have the perfect apps for you.

These gardening apps will help you identify plants by simply snapping a photo of them, learn which plants work best in your area based on climate, soil conditions, and more. You’ll also find out about common garden pests that can cause problems with or damage to your plants as well as how to deal with these pesky invaders!

Here are our top eleven favorite gardening apps. With these helpful applications on your phone, you’ll be a pro in no time.

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Get Your Green Thumb with These Gardening Apps

Mobile gardening apps are improving all the time. There’s no reason you shouldn’t take advantage of this technology to help you develop the green thumb you’ve always wanted. Take the guesswork out of plant care with one or more of the apps below.

Veggie Garden Planner

Use the Veggie Garden Planner to organize your vegetable garden. Choose veggies that work well together. You will find information about good and bad neighbors for each type of vegetable, so you can plan accordingly. The Veggie Garden Planner also has graphs that will tell you when to plant and harvest vegetables, as well as how each veggie interacts with others.

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Think of Blossom as your ultimate gardening assistant. You can find out more about your plants and get detailed care information on watering, pruning, fertilizing, light requirements, propagating, and more. The app offers care reminders to get notified when it’s time to water, fertilize, or move your plant to another pot. Snap a photo to identify an unknown plant and learn all about it.

Greg: Plant Care Assistant

The idea of having plants in your home is a great one, but sometimes keeping them alive can be tough. This app makes it easy to keep up with watering and maintenance schedules for all the different types of houseplants that you may have. It also helps save water by giving suggestions based on how many days since last watered or snoozed. You’re able to set notifications so that when specific plants need attention—like if they’re thirsty! The best part about this app? Once you identify each plant type, auto routines will take care of everything else!

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From Seed to Spoon Gardening

This app can help you grow food, just as the name implies. It has complete guides for 100+ vegetables, herbs, and fruits. You can filter the plant list based on their health benefits. Plan your planting dates based on your GPS location to make sure that you are planting at the right time of year. The app also has tips for dealing with pests and diseases.

PictureThis Plant Identifier

PictureThis helps you learn about plants by using artificial intelligence to identify them. Just snap a picture of what you see! You can use the app to diagnose plant problems and get advice on how to help them grow. You can also talk to botanists one-on-one through the app. Use PictureThis’s guides for plants, trees, and flowers to help you pick which ones are best for your garden or yard, and then keep notes of what they need and when they change so that your garden is always healthy.


Plants need care, and Planta can show you how to do it right. Set your plants up with a schedule and reminders. Choose the right plant for your home based on the different amounts of light in each room and find out which plants are best for you, depending on your skill level.

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My Garden: Inspiration to Grow

How does My Garden work? You pick your preferences for plants and the type of gardening that you want to do. The app uses location, temperature, and the season to give you ideas for things that will grow in your area. There are pictures of hundreds of different plants, and you can learn how to identify them, how they grow, and how to take care of them.


SmartPlant is a powerful smartphone app that helps you grow plants the right way all throughout the year. There’s a digital care calendar within it that helps you keep track of the health of your plants right from your phone. Plus, you can also identify the pests that could be preventing your plant’s growth.


With GardenTags you’ll find everything from gardening inspiration to helpful hacks to do it the right way. You can connect with other gardeners from around the world, share tips and advice, and learn from each other’s experiences too.

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Gardenate is another useful app that helps you understand the right kind of plants to grow based on your soil’s different factors. For example, it’s important to know your frost dates. It’ll also offer you reminders when it is time to harvest your produce, and you’ll be able to access detailed information about your plants- everything from their germination time to their approximate harvest date.


This app is for the European market. If soil health is what you’re concerned about, MySoil is the app to get! This app helps you identify the soil health of your local area using a valuable database, and also helps you work out the right kind of plants to grow based on your soil’s pH, type, depth, and organic matter content.

This list of the best gardening apps for iPhone is a great place to start if you’re looking for some new tools to take your love of plants and gardening up a notch. Whether you want help identifying plant species by taking pictures, learning about which ones work well in your area based on climate, soil conditions, or common pests and diseases that attack them, these are all awesome options worth downloading. Have any other favorite gardening apps? Share with us in our Beginner Gardening Facebook Group!

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